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The structure

CAMSER is an export promoting Consortium with the sole social purpose of promoting the products of its own member businesses on foreign markets. It is also engaged in creating activities, initiatives and projects designed to promote and support the internationalization of its member businesses.

CAMSER currently has member businesses that are based in Emilia Romagna and operate in mechanical engineering and specifically in the following sectors:

  • grinding and sharpening machine tools;
  • sheet metal machining;
  • washing/filtering systems;
  • machine tool accessories;
  • pneumatics, transport and automation;
  • special machining for the engineering sector (subcontracting);;

The Consortium is made up of the following:

General Meeting of Consortium members

This universally represents all members and its resolutions are binding on all consortium members. The main functions of the Assembly are electing board members, approving budgets and establishing the general nature of the consortium’s activities (promotion strategies, investments and indications of the markets on which to intervene, etc);

Board of Directors

Manages Consortium activities i.e. putting the operational objectives and indications formulated by the assembly into action; resolving on admission/cancellation/revocation of Consortium members; the Board of Directors is usually re-elected every two years.

The current Board of Directors is composed of:
Roberta Piccinini - LAMIPRESS
Arianna Monduzzi ditta IM SRL
Bruno Bernardi ditta MILLTECH
Lorenzo Di Marco ditta EUROMA GROUP


Roberta Piccinini

The representative of the Consortium who signs the acts of the Consortium and chairs the General Meetings.


Roberta Piccinini

Manages the Consortium, coordinates and oversees all the consortium activities.

The following roles are also provided for on the Consortium’s organization chart:

- Administrative head and contact person: Arianna Monduzzi and Barbara Pettazzoni

- Communications head and person responsible for external contacts:  Lorenzo di Marco and Elisa Bianchini

- Corporate accreditation head, contact person and COVID: Bruno Bernardi and Michaela Miliani

- Promotion Office: Elisa Bianchini

Participation in the Consortium involves – attendance at General Meetings and at themed Business Meetings, timely feedback to correspondence, regular meetings with the secretariat and, last but not least, indications of your own needs – this condition is essential for seizing the full potential of the Consortium: the more a business expresses its needs and interacts with other entrepreneurs, the more profitable it will be and consequently Consortium projects will be more efficient if agreed and concerted in a synergistic way.


Italian manufacturers of specialized mechanics

Viale A. Moro, 22
40127 Bologna
P.IVA 03117980379

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