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CAMSER, is a tool for the development and growth of the business fabric of Italy. It is a place of voluntary aggregation and laboratory of ideas. The CAMSER Consortium assists businesses with consultancy services and supports the development and diffusion of social accountability culture among its members. This involves all the levels of a business and all stages of its life: its relationships with the outside world, the definition of strategies, the choice of a communication style, its internal management and organisation. The willingness to engage in pro-active collaborations and develop innovative activities based on good practices and with respect for both individual and collective interests are the main features of the Consortium and the reasons of its success and long life.


CAMSER is also a breeding ground of new ideas and projects; it is a laboratory of experiences that welcomes young graduates. CAMSER performs several important tutoring activities for new graduates, involving them in the development of projects and therefore enabling them to apply specific know-how and skills directly in the field, thus adding value to the activities they perform.


Over the years, the Consortium has kept active relationships with its former interns, in some cases even developing profitable professional collaborations and providing useful guidance for their professional future.


Italian manufacturers of specialized mechanics

Viale A. Moro, 22
40127 Bologna
P.IVA 03117980379

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