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CAMSER puts you in touch to a network of well-established companies featuring focused and longstanding know-how, offering a comprehensive range of machinery, tools, components and subcontracting services specifically designed, manufactured and implemented for a wide scope of industrial applications: metal working, medical, automotive, plastic working, textile, aerospace, rail industry, etc.. By their specific product/service, CAMSER member companies can supply suitable and affordable solution for any requirement.


CAMSER is a valuable and reliable partner, which can help you to find easy-to-find a real specialist and/or a qualified pool of skilled technicians for any specific need.


Moreover, CAMSER is able to assist you in any single step of the contact process, through dedicated activities carried out by highly qualified staff:

  • welcome and accompaniment service during visits to member companies in Italy
  • research of new suppliers for specific products and work
  • creation of promotion campaigns shared online and offline
  • development of international partnership projects
  • consultation, technical and linguistic support in Italy


Italian manufacturers of specialized mechanics

Viale A. Moro, 22
40127 Bologna
P.IVA 03117980379

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