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Our history

CAMSER – A Network of business on international markets.

Camser was founded in 1981 as a voluntary aggregation between businesses operating in the mechanical engineering sector that were interested in developing foreign relations and sharing promotional activities on an international level. The success achieved up to now can also be attributed to the support of public incentives and the consulting and operational support of CNA Bologna.

The activities of the consortium have continually developed over the years due to constant evolution in line with changes in the market and Italian legislations on internationalisation incentives.

For brevity we mention the main activities classified into ten-year time periods.


Camser oversaw the most important sector exhibitions of the European market (EMO, BIMU, LAMIERA, HANNOVER MESSE, EUROBLECH, METAV ETC) and thus began to pay attention to markets outside of Europe and initiate collective advertising campaigns;


In addition to organising trade fair participation in various parts of the world and setting-up missions and workshops, Camser developed projects for the shared use of temporary export managers, the creation of a common platform on the German market and the initiation of a project linked to the creation of a collective commercial base in Brazil;

From 2000
to today

The vast range of countries that the Consortium deals with have extended to Russia, China, Poland and Turkey. In-depth studies of the market of these countries have been carried out, data bases of qualified specialised operators have been created, collective participation in trade fairs has been organized and business missions have been outlined. A number of “local contact points” have also been established to offer sales support. These sales support points are currently active in Turkey and Poland.


Finally, since 2006 the Consortium has been active in supplying strong consulting support for marketing and web marketing with the aim of transferring managerial models focused on:

  • technological innovation;
  • establishing a presence on foreign markets by sharing internationalisation paths for offering an integrated range of products and services;
  • increased international online visibility through the development of digital processes (website optimization, online campaigns, social network activities, specialized market places registration, fairs and b2b meetings participations, and so on).

The Consortium wants to consolidate the efficiency and competitiveness of its member businesses to drive the constant and progressive growth of the business fabric of the country.


Italian manufacturers of specialized mechanics

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